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Governing Board

At West Leigh Infant School we have an active Governing Board who are committed to providing a clear, strategic direction for the school. Our governors carry out a number of important duties including:

  • determing how the school's budget is spent,
  • setting high standards and expectaions for pupil's achievements and behaviour,
  • working within the expectations of the school's vision, aims and values,
  • hearing appeals and grievenaces,
  • forming policies and holding staff accountable for implementing these policies
  • ensuring the school building and premises are safe.

If you would like any further information regarding our Governing Board please feel free to contact one of our Governors or the Head Teacher via the school office.

Governing Board Meetings

The Governors have agreed the following meetings for this academic year.

Autumn Term
FGB (Annual Report from SIP, SEIP) Tuesday 17th September  7.00pm
Pay Committee (Teachers)    
FGB (Strategic, incl half year finance) Tuesday 28th November  7.00pm
Pay Committee (HT) Tuesday 28th November 6.30pm
Spring Term
FGB (Data, Monitoring, SIP Progress) Tuesday 2nd February 7.00pm
FGB (Strategic incl Budget) Tuesday 16th March 7.00pm
Summer Term
FGB (Strategic, incl Finance) Tuesday 18th May 7.00pm
FGB (Data, SIEP progress, Evaluation) Tuesday 13th July 7.00pm




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