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 April 2015-2018




How will we know we have achieved the objective?


and other key players



To ensure enrichment opportunities are taken up and enjoyed equally by genders

A range of clubs with attendance by girls and boys in equal proportions

Clubs’ Coordinator. SMT

  • Data will be collected by Clubs’ Coordinator of attendance by genders at each and all clubs termly.
  • Data used to assess range of clubs on offer.
  • Investigate possibility of more popular clubs if a gender imbalance is found. 

To raise attainment of pupils from low income and disadvantaged families

PP pupils will attain in line with national attainment

All staff

  • PP children assigned a LM
  • PP attainment monitored termly
  • PP funding used to support intervention as necessary
  • Parental Engagement/workshops

To raise number of boys achieving greater depth in writing

Boys attainment in writing to be in line with national attainment

All staff

  • Staff Training
  • Talk 4 Writing strategy
  • Purpose to writing
  • FMS/GMS to improve handwriting
  • Boy friendly topics

To promote understanding and respect for differences

Children show respect for all members of the community

All staff

  • Staff training
  • Topics
  • Assemblies
  • Outside visitors
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