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Who's Who

Senior Management Team

Head Teacher

Mrs. Y Sayer

Deputy Head Teacher

Miss. S. Froydenlund


Year R Team

Year Group Leader

Mrs. I. Hodges

Teacher LSAs
Cockle Miss. J. Young

Mrs. J. Milne

Mrs A. Mohan

Mrs. T. Ginn

Mrs. J. Dolman

Mrs. K. Cruiks

Mrs. N. Kennedy

Mrs. K. Judd



Limpet Miss. L. Hayton
Mussel Mrs. S. Nicholls
Oyster Mrs. I. Hodges


Year 1 Team

Year Group Leader

Mrs. L. Ellis

Teacher LSAs
Sea Urchin

Mrs. L. Cole

Mrs. L. Hardwick

Mrs. P. Harris

Mrs. K. Judd

Mrs. N. Kennedy

Mrs. P. Burdett




Shrimp Mrs. AM. Jones
Starfish Mrs. L. Ellis
Whelks Miss. H. Irving


Year 2 Team

Year Group Leader

Miss. E. Watts


Teachers LSAs
Barnacle Mrs. K. Chappell

Mrs. D. Owens

Mrs. S. Winslow

Mrs. T. Perkins

Mrs. E. Cameron



Mrs. S. Cekerevac

Lobster Miss. E. Watts

Mrs. E. Dawson

Mrs. S. Huband


Mrs C. Parish
Learning Mentors
Mrs T. Perkins
Mrs P. Harris
Mrs. D. Owens
Mrs. J. Milne
Mrs L. Hardwick
Business Manager
Ms A. Miller

Admin Team
Mrs K. Attfield
Mrs S. Jeacock

Mrs. S. Doolan


Site Manager
Mr. T. Fossett

Assistant Site Manager

Mr. S. Williams

Catering Supervisor
Mrs S. Maddin
Assistant Catering Supervisor
Ms B. Axley

Catering Assistants
Mrs J. Perry
Mrs. R. Griffiths

MS. L. Rodwell

Supply Teachers
Mrs A. Cousins
Mrs K. Munson

Mrs. T. Avery


Midday Assistants

Mrs. S. Barlett

Mrs. L. Batchelor

Mrs. C. Blackwell

Mrs. S. Brooks

Mrs. N. Donnison

Mrs. L. Dyer

Mrs. H. Head

Mrs. T. Hobday

Mrs. J. Ives

Mrs. M. Lakeman

Mrs. J. Laing

Mrs. F. Walker


After School Club

Mrs. K. Judd

Mrs. J. Cohen

Mrs. A. Mohan

Mrs. A. Rodwell






English (TLR 2)

Sharon Cekerevac

Maths (TLR 2)

Anne Marie Jones

Technology Team (ICT/DT)

Isabelle Hodges/Helene Irving/Emily Watts

The World Team (History/ Geography/RE)

Laura Hayton/Laura Cole/Sharon Cekerevac/Charlie Brasted

Physical Team (Science/PE/PHSE)

Sally Nicholls/Laura Ellis/Kate Chappell

Creative Team (Music/Art)

Jessica Young/Anne-Marie Jones/Sandra Huband/Emma Dawson


Claire Parish

More Able and Talented

Sarah Froydenlund


Sharon Cekerevac

Pupil Voice/School Council

Anne Marie Jones

Well Being Champion

Laura Ellis

Eco Warriors

Yolande Sayer/Sarah Smith


Sandra Huband


Charlie Brasted

Community Links

Emma Dawson

Parental Involvement

Sarah Froydenlund

Pupil Achievement and Tracking

Yolande Sayer KS1

Sarah Froydenlund YR

Monitoring and Self Evaluation

Yolande Sayer and Sarah Froydenlund

Assessment for Learning

Yolande Sayer

Induction Mentor

Sarah Froydenlund

Designated Safeguarding

Yolande Sayer/Sarah Froydenlund/Sharon Cekerevac

Health Safety

Yolande Sayer/Tony Fossett/Sarah Froydenlund

Educational Visits Coordinator

Sarah Froydenlund

Risk Assessment Coordinator

Sarah Froydenlund

Nurture Base Manager Claire Parish
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