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Responsibilities and Leadership at West Leigh Infant School

At West Leigh Infant School, all children are given responsibilities within their classroom. They might be a register monitor, a snack monitor, chair monitors, a book corner monitor and lots more.

However, some children might experience having an additional leadership responsibility during their time at our school. For example, they might be chosen to be a Prefect, a School Council representative or an Eco Warrior. Please see below for more details:

Year 2 Prefects

At West Leigh Infant School, children in Year 2 have the opportunity to become a Prefect. Prefects are chosen by their class teacher and are changed once a term. 

Prefects are responsible for identifying and encouraging positive behaviour throughout our school. They also help to show visitors around! It is a much sought-after role and the chosen children wear their red badges with great pride. 


KS1 School Council

school council

KS1 Eco-Warriors

At West Leigh Infant School, we have a team of Eco Warriors, passionate about protecting and saving our planet. They understand how important our planet is and that we must do our best to care for it. Our Eco Warriors help to care for out school environment and work together as a team to make positive changes to our school to make it a more environmentally friendly place. Eco Warriors take part in discussions and feedback any relevant information to their class. 

In our school you will see the Eco Warriors:

  • Encouraging children and staff to recycle

  • Encouraging children and staff to use the compost bins during snack times

  • Encouraging children and staff to save energy eg by turning off lights when they leave a room

  • Helping Mrs Chappell and Mrs Smith with the school gardens 

  • Thinking of new ideas to improve how our school and community and look after the world around them

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